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Who we are....










We are a dance troupe of young people who love culture, volunteering, dancing and Skopelos Island, Greece, our birthplace,. Most of us participate in the Cultural Association in Glossa, offering our time, energy, and talents in recognition and appreciation of our home and community.


In 2013 we organized the First Festival of Traditional Dances under the auspices of the Cultural Association of Glossa and with the guidance of Diamandis Paleologos, our first dance teacher and the late beloved principal of the Glossa High School. We were pleasantly surprised by the response from local and international dancers and folk groups, and grateful for the enthusiastic response of our community, friends and families. We danced, made many new friends, and were excited to spend time with people who share our passion for culture and dance.


Now we are looking forward to a bigger and even better festival this year with even more participants and a larger audience. We learned a lot last year about organizing a festival and look forward to the possibility of welcoming new participants. This year is organized under the non-profit organization " Plegma".


The joy of giving, the joy of participating, the jokes and the fun that we have between us and the dance groups that honor us with their presence, these are priceless. Join us again to remember the man who inspired us, Diamantis Paleologos, and to support our efforts to preserve and enliven our traditional arts.



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